You could be forgiven for thinking that no one is ‘in charge’ here [WSM], in the conventional sense. Of all the things I expected to encounter, a free reign was not top of the list. Yet it is this freedom which makes working here so unique and allows for tremendous growth. This top-down humility, patience and respect is what most modern workplaces thrive for but often fall short of. I always felt supported and never smothered during my time here. The facilities at WSM are enviable, not to mention the view overlooking Evan’s Bay, uninterrupted, where dolphin and Orca sightings are commonplace during the warmer months.

But perhaps what I treasured most during my time here were my patients. I doubt they know how much I have learned from them over the years as the expectation is usually the other way around in a therapeutic relationship. Some of the most humble and caring people I have come across have been struggling in one way or another through physical or mental injury. Physiotherapy takes you closer to people than the vast majority of other professions and we get to know these people and their families really well. It is a privilege to be entrusted with someone else’s pain and suffering, equally, it is truly rewarding to come out the other end with someone and celebrate good health, as it becomes our journey too. I had my favourites, we all do and I came close to tears when I said a final goodbye to mine. What other 9-5 tugs on your heartstrings like that?!
There is something special about the people of Wellington, I can’t quite put my finger on it but it surely has something to do with the fact that there is an enormous pride flag painted across the Wellington airport runway currently. You can be whoever you want to be in Wellington, exception IS the norm, and it feels very safe here. Good on ya Wellington, legend.

Wellington city itself ticked all the boxes- umpteen beaches to choose from, the best
coffee in NZ, truck-loads of culture, lots and lots of green space and a general air of
relaxation- Wellingtonians are surely amongst the most chilled-out people in the world. And the single track!!!- running, walking or riding you are spoiled for choice. Oh, and the view of the South Island on a good day is pretty special too.
Wellington, you have been wonderful, we will miss you dearly but will treasure some very fond memories and we will be back to check up on you one day.

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