I got into fencing in a way most people normally pick up a sport; I saw it, loved it, and wanted to learn more. One day I was at the ASB sports centre playing netball, and across one of the courts and there was a small group doing fencing. I knew roughly what fencing was, but the first time I saw it I was amazed. As the term progressed, I found myself captivated and became more and more interested in the sport. The next term I quit netball and joined fencing on Thursday nights.

As time went on I continued to enjoy the sport, and since the group was really small, I got to know everyone there quite quickly. Our coach, an esteemed and credited international fencer, Ping Yuan was always interested in having new kids joining the group. I became instant friends with many of the new recruits like me and we began to create a community.

A couple of years ago our old coach left to train the Australian national woman’s team, and the old club disbanded. I made the decision to join the Hutt Valley Fencing Club and after that was faced with starting over again with a new group. But fencing is a relatively youth-based sport, so making friends wasn’t hard. If anyone has the chance to try fencing, I encourage them to take it! It is an amazing sport with a supportive and friendly community.

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