I wonder whether “adaptability” is a new buzzword. With the dreaded ‘rona altering global perspectives on the way we do things, I feel that adaptability has become the sexiest new asset to have on your CV. Adapting to new work conditions, to social distancing, to isolating in your home for MONTHS- COVID-19 has really changed the landscape of what we consider the norm (although, to be quite honest, if I hear the phrase “the new norm” one more time I may regurgitate my dinner).

Personally, I have gone through a lot of change and growth this year that was afforded me by my ability (however precarious it sometimes seems) to adapt, in aspects of both body, and mind.

For example I started the year suffering from central sensitization, which Dr. Google tells us is a “condition of the nervous system that is associated with the development and maintenance of chronic pain”. Basically, my body is hyper-sensitive to acute touch and perceives any such sensation as painful. Through both educating myself about the body-mind connection of my pain (itself a symptom of my PTSD), and also working with my physio to desensitize my body to sensation (through things such as massage, skin rolling, and a very spiky yellow ball), I now am able to manage this condition and it no longer affects my daily life.

Another example is trying to adapt training for a half-marathon in winter- anyone who’s been in Wellington over the past few weeks can attest to the fact that it has been numbingly cold (and that’s when it isn’t bucketing down). I therefore have had to find other ways to build up my endurance during this time. One thing I’ve started doing is Spin classes – my physio, Bridget, recommended this as a way of building my cardio endurance, while also being relatively low-impact (having suffered from excruciating shin-pain earlier in the year from loading my running too quickly, this was very important). I have also been doing Aqua jogging with the lovely older ladies at the WRAC in Kilbirnie, and have found this to be a really good recovery / rest-day workout.Adapting to new scenarios is essential for growth in any environment.

As my fellow S4S athlete, Gavin, so rightly said, “When we have challenges and need to adapt, I look at what I can control and where the opportunities are with the current situation”. Focusing on things that are within my control has been incredibly helpful in not feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities of what might be, in terms of both my health and well being, and my general life.

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