In any given sport, there is always the risk of injury, challenge, and of set backs. It is inevitable when we come to face these obstacles, and the sense of loss of control can be very scary. However, I think as athletes, the most powerful response to this knowledge, is understanding the value of preparation and pre-emption prior to these unknown events. This encompasses planning the challenges that we may face and developing a plan of action on the steps we will face in order to overcome the obstacle. Not only are these the physical actionable steps that we will carry out, but also the most advantageous mentality that will lead us through in these times. Once we face the obstacle itself, adaptability to the changes and challenges that arrive can be achieved by how we modify not only our training, but also our mindset in these times. And most importantly, we must utilise and train for resilience in the dark times, when we do not see a light at the end of the tunnel, and when we do not see the future as we may have planned. 

As a result of COVID-19, I faced challenges and obstacles in the form of a change in house and location, my university study and experience moving fully online, the shut down of exercise and training facilities and a decrease in social interaction and experiences with friends and family. Adaptability to this new lifestyle did not happen instantly but as a result of the modification of my goals and plan on how I will achieve them, a change in mentality and increase in resilience I was quickly able to adapt to a new life of training and working in a new environment, all from home. Not only did I fall in love with creating my own training, I was able to expand and incorporate different types of exercise into my routine, allowing me to grow in different areas such as flexibility, agility and endurance. I also gained a greater and deeper learning experience online, and more time to focus on and further develop my self, my wellbeing and my mindset. 

Looking back I am able to see the challenge I saw as a set back as one of the best opportunities I have had that challenged me to modify, change and adapt to develop a better lifestyle for myself and my wellbeing.

Check out some images of Maya’s training below!

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