2020 applications now closed, stay tuned for 2021!

So you’re wanting to become one of our Support 4 Sport Athletes? That’s great! But what does it mean exactly? Here you will find the answers to all your questions about our programme, as well has how to apply for 2020.

Check out our FAQ below.


Q1. Who can apply?

One of our main objectives is to celebrate diversity in sport in order to inspire our community to get (and keep) active.

We welcome athletes from any sport and especially enjoy showcasing the more remarkable sports that are here in Wellington. We are also interested in athletes with a story to tell. It doesn’t matter what your level of ability is, the scale of your goals or where you are on your pathway, if you love what you do, and want to share your journey with others, get in touch. 

Q2. What does the programme offer me?

Glad you asked. As one of our supported athletes you will receive physiotherapy services throughout the year including initial musculoskeletal screening to develop a strength & conditioning plan, as well as guidance and planning of training load with the goal to optimise performance and reduce injury incidence. You will also receive funded Physiotherapy appointments for any injuries that you may sustain, as well as review of your strength and conditioning/training plan throughout the year

As well as this, you will partake in organised events with other athletes and guest speakers, receive social media support highlighting athletic achievements and competition promotion, and a pretty sweet gift pack.

Overall, it is a great opportunity to connect with athletes from different fields, as well as gain skills to help you push your athletic career further.

Q3. What do I have to do?

Again, fantastic question. As part of our programme we expect that you attend the majority of team events in the Support 4 Sport calendar, contribute to our digital content by providing photos to be used in our posts, engage with our social media (provided you agree with the content of course), and contribute content in the form of interview/blog post through out the year. That’s it!

Q4. How long does the programme run for?

The programme will run from the 1st of March through to the end of 2020. But don’t worry, the benefits don’t stop there. You can opt into our S4S Alumni group, meaning you continue to receive discounted physiotherapy services (for life!), as long as you’re happy for us to continue sharing your achievements.

Q5. How do I apply?

It’s super simple, just email us! Click here for contact details and a list of the information we need from you, but feel free to get creative with your applications, and add any extra information (pictures, videos, previous blog posts, social media profiles etc.) to really show us who you are. We accept applications in video or written format.