What is something you have had to adapt to?

Something that I have had to adapt to has been moving from lockdown where there was no sport to very quickly being back into intense team training and competitions. 

What were three challenges that you faced while having to adapt?

Managing my time so that I was keeping on top of my school work, my extra curricular activities and my sport just maintaining that balance really. 

Being away from a team environment and my friends 

Training on my own during lockdown was easy to start with but as time went on I found it harder to motivate myself

How did you overcome these challenges?

On Sundays I plan out my week and write up all my trainings and games. 

Checking in with my physio regularly also helped me as she was able to assess my workload and advise me as to what I needed to focus on. 

Having a team to train with made things a lot easier. Daily/weekly team training and games meant that I had to be there. It helped that my coaches knew what was achievable and set goals for us as a team. I also set individual goals so that I could see the progress I was making. 

What did you learn from the experience?

How easy sport can be taken away from you and the importance of self-motivation and sticking to a plan. I learnt about how valuable time with my family, reflecting on the past year and just being able to reset the mind and body and give my parents a break. 

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