Reflections on Resilience – Keeley O’Hagan

From the outside, the journey to success in sport looks more glamorous and easier than reality. What spectators see is the wonderful places people go and the highs when you’re doing well. What they don’t see are the frequent injuries, mental and financial stress, hours of rehab, and the social sacrifices to name a few. … Continue reading Reflections on Resilience – Keeley O’Hagan

Reflections on Resilience – Qona Christie

In 2015, I got my first big injury two days before my very first international training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. I injured my sternoclavicular joint which unfortunately isn’t an injury you can just tape up with strapping tape and continue on training. I was devastated that I would miss all … Continue reading Reflections on Resilience – Qona Christie

Reflections on Resilience – Claire Jaycock

Resilience, grit, stubbornness and mental toughness all contribute to your competitive edge in the sport of roller derby. Resilience is getting back to your feet after being knocked down over and again - literally and figuratively. Resilience is how you keep pushing when it is you against 4, and how you go around the track … Continue reading Reflections on Resilience – Claire Jaycock

Sportswoman of the Year Finalist – Ameliaranne Ekenasio

How did you get into your sport? I started playing netball just for fun because all my friends played. It wasn’t until I realised I was about a foot taller than everybody else and I learned to catch and pass then I started to actually really like this game and finally I have a good … Continue reading Sportswoman of the Year Finalist – Ameliaranne Ekenasio

Reflections on Resilience – Bruno Ferguson

Seeing athletes on the television, at the Olympics for example, we assume that they train as hard as they can as much as possible, and are the fittest they can be, performing at their peaks. But what we don’t think about is the metal side of the training, and how much the athletes are having … Continue reading Reflections on Resilience – Bruno Ferguson

Reflections on Resilience – Kirstie Rae

Resilience; the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness. In order to perform at your best in running, like most sports, everything in your body has to be functioning properly. Towards the end of 2016, I went through every athlete's nightmare…I hit a big plateau. No matter how hard I trained, my times just weren’t … Continue reading Reflections on Resilience – Kirstie Rae