In 2015, I got my first big injury two days before my very first international training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. I injured my sternoclavicular joint which unfortunately isn’t an injury you can just tape up with strapping tape and continue on training. I was devastated that I would miss all the training sessions and to make matters even worse the training camp had the junior Japanese team attending as well.

As I got injured so close to the training camp I attended anyway but had to survive a week of sitting on the sideline feeling useless. The only way I could help my teammates was by bringing them water, ice, and motivation. I felt so helpless from the side and felt sorry for myself for missing this opportunity to train.

Although sitting on the bench was not an ideal way to spend my time, it did allow me to reminisce on my situation and work to build resilience. I was able to focus on what I could do to change this situation and I made a plan/timetable to minimise the time I have off the mat because of my injury. I scheduled in time every day to do my physio exercises so I could recover and get back to where I was as soon as possible. Being resilient meant that instead of spending lots of time dwelling on my injury and feeling sorry for myself, I instead, made a plan to recover from my set back and come back stronger than ever.

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