I had to face a lot of hard truths in my preparation if I wanted to be a serious contender for the Title at the Touch World Cup. The biggest battle was knowing that I had to beat myself into submission. I knew it would come down to ‘Me vs Me’, and in the past, I have a track record of allowing myself to be defeated by my excuses. Every day was an opportunity to be better than yesterday and it was a great feeling knowing that my small victories were contributing to my biggest goal: ‘Being the BEST I could for my team’.

My excuses were often my motivation. If it was raining, I would purposely go out for a run. If it was too hot, I’d wear my long sleeve training gear and do a session outside. If my hubby started work at 5.30am, I’d hit the streets at 4.30am. If my baby sitter fell through, I’d change my session to the fields where my kids could run around.

I wasn’t always conquering though. Prior to my 1st training camp, I was rehabbing my shoulder. On the final day at camp, I tweaked my hamstring which I had to manage right throughout the lead up until the Grand Final at World Cup. I sometimes gave in to my defeating thoughts during a training session but it gave me a hunger to do better the next day. We went through the tournament in Kuala Lumpur undefeated (in ridiculous 50degree conditions) and came away with the win in the Final.

It really is a surreal feeling, achieving such a big goal! Definitely proud to be WORLD CHAMPION. It wasn’t easy but all the sacrifice was worth it. How did resilience help me? Although every day was a constant battle, whether it be time, doubt, weather, injury, feelings, excuses, etc, I enjoyed the challenge of how I could respond.

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