The next athlete to join the Support 4 Support team is a Touch superstar, Coral Winiata. Coral has recently has been selected to represent NZ in the Women’s27 Touch Team and will be traveling to Kuala Lumpur in April 2019 for the Touch World Cup.

Coral is the wife to an amazing husband, Paris, and a Mum to two beautiful daughters Jireh & Haven. We find her story incredibly inspiring because although Coral competes on a professional level, she is constantly balancing her sporting career with the challenges of a full-time job and a family.   

Coral has always had a passion for sports and is excited to have the opportunity to work with the teams of Wellington Sports Med and Willis Street Physiotherapy to help her prepare and be the best athlete she can be. Coral tells us that she wants to be in peak condition in April 2019 and can be sure that the S4S programme will support her in achieving these goals. Keep up the great work Coral and we wish you the best of luck in April! 

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