Wellington Sports Med and Willis Street Physiotherapy are proud to present our next athlete, Kate Sawford. At age 11 Kate had her leg amputated as part of her treatment for bone cancer. Fifteen years later, Kate discovered the joys of climbing and there was no holding her back. She started climbing competitively in 2014 and has won three successive silver medals at the World Paraclimbing Championships.

Along with being a phenomenal climber, she is also a dedicated Ashtanga yoga practitioner, alpine skier, and a budding surfer. She may be new to the sport of surfing, but in 2018 she won first place in the women’s division at the nudie Australian Adaptive Surfing Titles.

We asked Kate about her sporting goals in 2019 to which she said she will compete in the World Paraclimbing Championships again and will strive to maintain her title in the nudie Australian Adaptive Surfing Titles. We are elated to have Kate in our programme and look forward to watching her progress in all her sports. 

Posted by:Support4Sport

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