The next sports-star to join the team is Claire Jaycock. But in the Roller Derby world, she is known as Claire the Decks (#412). Claire used to roller skate as a kid and first learned about Roller Derby after seeing the movie Whip It. When she came back to Wellington she saw posters for a local derby game and liked the idea of a sport being led by Women. Claire enjoyed watching how fierce and physical the game was played and felt inspired to give it a go.

That was then, now she competes regularly in Wellington (as well as other parts of NZ) and even in Australia to participate in tournaments. Claire reveals that although the sport is rough, the Roller Derby scene is incredibly friendly and supportive. Claire says that there is a real sense of community and love for the sport that unites all athletes. When playing here in Wellington, the bouts are often hosted in the Kilbirnie Rec Centre, or occasionally out in Upper Hutt at the skating rink.

When asked about her sporting goals for 2019, Claire said that she was super stoked to have the support of Wellington Sports Med and Willis St Physio to help her in dealing with her injuries. Roller Derby is a VERY physical sport, and injuries often come with the territory. So the best way to deal with all the extra bumps and bruises is to be a strong player and deal with the injuries quickly.

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