The newest addition to the Support 4 Sport team is a Hockey star and self-proclaimed ‘older’ athlete, Rachel Lilley. Rachel competes as a goalkeeper for the Victoria University Women’s P1 hockey team. As an ‘older’ (37) athlete Rachel doesn’t believe in slowing down. She has been 100% dedicated to her sport and wants to compete at the highest level possible. So this year, Rachel said she is thrilled to have the support of Wellington Sports Med and Willis Street Physiotherapy!

When asked about her 2019 sporting goals, Rachel said her plans will be to retain her spot as the New Zealand 35’s goalkeeper, represent Wellington in the Master’s 35’s National Hockey Tournament,  and making the Capital NHL team. The best way to get there? Perform at her best, CRUSH IT and encourage others to do the same. We are thrilled to have Rachel as part of the Support 4 Sport programme and look forward to supporting her journey.

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