What has your journey looked like to date?

I first started triathlon once I finished Uni as a way of keeping fit and pushing myself a little bit. It wasn’t till 2016 when I qualified for the 70.3 World Champs (half Ironman) that I really started to get serious and work with a coach etc. I’ve now been to three world champs events but the one that eludes me still is racing in Kona at the Ironman world champs, the pinnicle of long distance triathlon. I suffered a really bad injury in 2018 and have spent 12+ months working on rehab and while I’m again battling a couple of new injuries I’m still super motivated to work through all the required rest and rehab to ensure I’ve got many years of racing ahead of me with the main goal of racing in more world championship events!

What are some goals you are working towards?

Aside from my rehab, swimming has always been a weakness for me. If I want to be truly competitive then I need to improve my swimming to be out of the water with the leaders so i’m not playing “catch up” for the rest of the race. All things going to plan I want to be back on the start line for Ironman New Zealand in 2021!

Who is someone who inspires you?

Its pretty hard to go past Cameron Brown… he’s 47 years old and still racing Ironman professionally and mixing it up with people half his age. His ability to stay at the top of the sport for such a long time and keep motivated and relatively injury free is incredible

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