What has your journey looked like to date?

Kendo translates in English to “the way of the sword”. Kendo is considered to be a lifelong pursuit where “the way” can be viewed as the individual path each kendo practitioner travels along. Along this path there are inevitably highs and lows, and hurdles that we must overcome to progress. This is an accurate description of my journey to date. Overall the general trend line of my path has been positive. Consistent factors contributing to this have been (a) steadfast commitment to learn lessons from every experience (b) hard work and maintenance of high standards (c) strong desire to succeed.

What are some goals you are working towards?

The current goal that I am working towards is significant and looms large on the horizon. This year I will be eligible to attempt the grading examination for 7th dan. 7th dan is the grade before the Everest that is 8th dan. The highest grade in Kendo is 8th dan and has a 1% pass rate.

Who is someone who inspires you?

I am inspired by all the students I have instructed over the years. I have always tried to teach them to the best of my ability so they can realise their full kendo potential. I have always been motivated and inspired by their desire to learn, their improvement, their successes, the trust they have placed in me. But also I have learnt from them as people. Kendo training can be very challenging. Enduring hard things like this can only be possible if everyone gives their all so as a group we feed off each others energy and effort. In this manner we can achieve more as a group than as individuals. To that extent hopefully I have inspired others as equally as they have inspired me.

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