What has your journey looked like to date?

My sporting journey has had many ups and downs leading up until now but I wouldn’t have it any other way as it’s shaped me into the athlete i am today. I have just come out of school so I don’t have as many opportunities going for me like I used too however I work out about 4-5 times a week usually to keep myself in shape and not fall behind! I’m currently trialing for the Capital Women’s basketball team to compete at the WBC tournament and I play reps for Palmerston North so also just preparing for that! I’m also looking at going overseas on a scholarship for basketball

What are some goals you are working towards?

Overall just looking at getting physically and mentally strong as possible to help better my game!

Who is someone who inspires you?

My parents are definitely my motivators. From driving me around to trainings 5 minutes to 2 hours away from my house. They believed in me before I started to believe in myself. They continue to hustle just to make things beneficial for myself and that in itself is so inspiring

Posted by:Support4Sport