Ultimate Frisbee, being a ‘newer’ sport to the country, meant that I only started playing when I was 17 and in my final year at high school. Before that, I grew up playing every sport available to me including Tennis, Swimming, Football, Futsal, Netball, Basketball, Touch, and Cricket. In my PE classes, I was one of the students that could pick up a new skill or sport almost immediately. My ability for sports was so strong that I was able to represent my primary and secondary schools for my region and I traveled all over the country for most of the sports I participated in.

My brother introduced me to Ultimate Frisbee when his university team needed female players. As a result of participating in so many sports, it didn’t take me long to pick it up. For me, the sport combined many of the skills I learnt when I was younger. After a few practices, I was hooked, so when I then became aware of the ‘NZ Youth Nationals’ the next thing I knew I was signing up and getting on a plane to go compete. What I didn’t fully understand was that this moment was going to change my sporting goals forever.

The NZ Youth Nationals was a trial match that allowed me to become a member of the New Zealand representative team. Soon after that, I would be getting back on a plane bound for Poland to compete in the World Junior Ultimate Championships. Being picked up on the New Zealand Under 20 Women’s team was an incredible honour, especially considering I was the only South Islander to be selected. From then on I have not stopped playing this sport. Now, I enjoy the tactical side of the game, the spirit shown between opponents, and being able to travel the world playing such an athletic sport.

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