I got into Judo at the age of seven because our family friend’s Grandma was a black belt. I was such a hyperactive kid so I really needed something to put out all my energy as well as teach me some discipline. One of our family friends suggested to my mum that she brings me along to try the kid’s judo class and I loved it and haven’t stopped since. While I did try other sports like gymnastics, football and tennis, none seem to stick with me as much as Judo.

Like all sports, training is essential. In a normal week, I will go to the gym between 5-6 times where I do a lot of work with strength and conditioning training. I also do Judo training three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. This is usually a mix of conditioning, technical skill building, groundwork, and randori (sparring). On top of this, I work full time and my job involves me walking around 10-15km per day. So as you can imagine I’m very exhausted by the end of the week.

While training is tough, one moment that really motivated me this year was when I got my black belt. I have been doing judo for 12 years and just finally got presented with this prestigious rank in judo. This pushed me because I knew I had to live up to the expectations and responsibilities of a black belt. Another moment in 2018 that really stood out was winning the Oceania Judo Championships, in the senior division. When I was going into this competition I didn’t even expect to medal in the senior division but I managed to come away with a gold medal. This accomplishment was a huge shock for me because I felt like the underdog as I was the youngest in the division. Getting the gold was a huge boost and gave me the confidence I needed to go back and train even harder for my next competition.

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