The life of a professional athlete is more than just starting whistles, thunderous applause, and shiny awards. When the lights go down and the fans go home, the mind of an athlete is still in the competition; still striving to be the best. Because when you’re an athlete you’re always training, always thinking of the next competition, always envisioning yourself at the top of the podium.

At Wellington Sports Medicine and Willis Street Physio, we know athletes. We feel empathy when their injured, and revel in their success when they can return to the sport that they love. So coming up next in our series of blog posts we will focus on the real lives of our Support 4 Sport athletes. We will talk about their training habits, their motivations, and their experiences of success or failures. Hopefully, these stories will inspire you to train hard and compete passionately in your own sport.

Hākinakina, Aotearoa!

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