What has your journey looked like to date?

I started Surf Boat Rowing when I was 16 (2016), representing Titahi Bay Surf Life Saving Club. My team and I were all new to the sport and so had to work extremely hard to gain the skills and strength for the sport. We started competing at regional competitions and did extremely well, gaining a lot of confidence. Our first NZ National Champs we received double gold in short course and long course as well as winning the NZ U19 Series. I continued to row in the years after, winning double gold again in 2017. At the end of 2018, my crew and I trialled for the U23 NZ Oar Blacks Team where we were successfully selected to represent New Zealand and raced against Australia in the Trans Tasman Surf Series. In our first test, we won by a good distance ahead. Our second test was stopped short when we were smashed by a massive wave and sent back to the beach. In our third test, we were strong in the lead but after we went through a steep wave, the sweeps oar broke, preventing our sweep from being able to steer the boat. Unfortunately, this disadvantaged us and put us in a very dangerous situation getting back to the beach and we did not win the Trans Tasman Cup. However, we were all grateful to be able to get the opportunity as we were all 18-20 years of age. I started playing netball when I was very young in primary school. I played for numerous teams and rep teams such as Kapi Mana and Wellington. I played for St Marys Senior A from year 11-year 13 and then moved to play for St Marys Old Girls (SMOG) after receiving a scholarship. We developed a lot as a team throughout the year and ended up placing 3rd in the Wellington Netball League at ASBSC. This year I am hoping to play for SMOG again.

What are some goals you are working towards?

One of my goals for this year is to develop my strength and endurance for both of my sports. Specifically, I would like to work on my overall muscle mass and muscle endurance for Rowing and improve my stamina and overall court fitness for Netball. I would also like to develop my positional play and skills for the position Centre.

Who is someone who inspires you?

I think I would say that the U23 Australian Development team who we met and raced in 2019 inspire me as they were highly skilled and experienced rowers who I learnt a lot after having the opportunity to race. I have always wanted to go over to Australia to compete as it is known that Surf Boat Rowing is a lot more extreme over there. Whitney Souness is definitely my inspiration when it comes to Netball. I look up to her because of her abilities on the court such as the way she is able to use quick and sharp movements to get away from her defenders and into space, her quick and decisive passing and feeding skills, as well as her ability to force errors and gain from them. She is always one step ahead as she thinks fast and acts quickly.

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