My siblings and I were always in the sporting scene growing up. I remember quite often being at Mum’s Rugby or Soccer training’s or at my Aunty’s touch games and eventually followed in their footsteps. It was inevitable that my passion became like that of my family and I’ve been involved in various sports since. I seemed to enjoy and succeed more in Touch and pursued representative levels at a young age. My Mother, Aunty, Brother and Cousin have all travelled in various NZ Touch Teams so I do believe my family have been a huge influence on my involvement in the sport.

My workout schedule includes a variety of training because of all the different skills/fitness needed for Touch. Training sessions mix between agility & speed, fartlek & endurance, match fitness (game time), rehab and strength training. These days my body doesn’t quite hold up like it use to when I was younger. So I have to remember to take good care of myself by stretching and having good nutrition, especially for recovery!

I’ve always been the person who loves to play sport, but never liked training. I relied on my natural ability, but because of this I’ve never felt like I’ve been in ‘peak condition’. Now, I feel motivated to finally make it happen and I have no excuses for my preparation. Having the support of so many amazing people like my husband and the Support 4 Sport team, I’m ready to let the training begin!

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