Cate is a self-employed mum-of-two, who has discovered the joys of trail and ultramarathon running late in life. Having gone from the couch to ultra marathons, Cate started her journey being unable to walk 2km without some discomfort, to competing in three marathons, four ultramarathons and many other shorter events in just under two years. Her sport has helped her gain control of her life and has assisted as a means of managing depression. After her transformation into a runner, her motto has become “Nothing is impossible. You just have to want it bad enough.”

Having successfully completed the Taupō Ultra 74km in October 2018, Cate is excited to be setting her sights on a first 100km ultramarathon event in 2020. With the help of the Support 4 Sport programme, we will help to get Cate there and to reach all of her sporting goals!

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